Use the number keys 1 2, and 3 to pick an action to do.

[1] = Move, once selected you must choose a direction with WASD and press enter.

[2] = Shoot, once selected you must choose a direction with WASD and press enter.

[3] = Repair, once selected you must press enter.

You are the only one left from the Unbent Tank Battalion. You must get the secret 'intel' you've gathered into the right hands, but between you stands the Red Rockets Legion.

Every turn you can use only one action: Move one square, shoot one bullet, or repair your one shield.

It's you against an army. There is no back up. No aerial support. No turning back. Good luck soldier, you're our only hope.


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  • Lots of fun to play
  • Great art and sfx
  • No victory screen in the tutorial
  • Level 3 difficulty spike (compared to levels before and after)
  • Level 5 last enemies to easy, because of kill box design of bridge between left and right erea
  • Level 10 pretty damn difficult
  • Didn't know how to complete level 11.

the game looks amazing! it's obvious that whoever worked on this game spent a lot of time polishing it. unfortunately, i can confirm the bug mentioned in the other comment. if you fire and press enter very fast, the enemy kind of skips their turn. after using this bug, i got stuck at the first level. but this is just a bug and can be fixed. this game you've done in 48 hours is really impressive! you should be proud. i'm giving it a full rating


the game spends a bit to much time on the opening dialog when it could have been teaching you how some things worked like the stationary tanks or that you can brake the brown blocks. the game play is a bit slow and i think it would be better if the movement animations were sped up. the levels get a bit repetitive. and i think there's a major bug if you fire and hit enter very fast it seems you can kill any enemy and they don't even get a turn. otherwise the twist was a bit to for see able and without any sort of boss level unimpactful.